Evidence-based information about adult ADHD

We have developed some resources which may help you with task management, prioritising and other issues. These can be downloaded below.

What is ADHD?

We have prepared a short guide here.

Help with diagnosis

Obtaining a diagnosis can be an emotionally difficult process. We have prepared some guidance, including a template script to help you convey to your GP how your ADHD impacts your life, plus a piece explaining what you will need to evidence, both are available below:

Diagnostic Interview Points

GP Script

Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale (ASRS-v1.1) Symptom Checklist (Part A)

The ASRS part 1 is over 90% sensitive/specific for predicting ADHD and can be an excellent starting point in working out of you have the traits of adult ADHD. The links below are to free online versions: 

Wender Utah ADHD rating scale calculator

ADHD Spectrum Symptom checker

This IS NOT A DIAGNOSTIC TEST but it may help you in your decisions around seeking a diagnosis or to understand your ADHD:


To Do List

To-do lists give you a place to write things down so you don’t have to worry about remembering and can help you identify what needs to be done in a day/week. We have one you can use here.


Task Management Matrix

This is based on an Eisenhower matrix and helps you to decide which tasks you should try to approach first, based on urgency and importance. The form can be downloaded below.


Apps for adults with ADHD

There are a wealth of applications for phone, tablet or computer which can help you organise yourself, set reminders, manage symptoms. We have curated a short list of some of the better ones below.


Packing Checklist

The checklist below can be used as a basic packing checklist for when you take a trip away, to help ensure nothing is forgotten.

ADHDadultUK Packing Checklist

Other websites


Outside of our website and social media, there are actually plenty of helpful resources on the internet to educate and inform both people with ADHD and their families, friends and employers.

  • ADDitude is an American website with a wealth of resources, including these downloads. We feel a lot of information on here is anecdotal, and although some of their guides are useful they rarely add sources for claims.
  • CHADD is an organisation for children and adults with ADHD. This site does provide sources for key information.
  • The ADHD Foundation is a charity which has a variety of different services and which lobbies government for change.
  • The UK ADHD Adult Network (ACAAN) offers a range of support and training.