ADHD Tools

There are many tools that can help adults with ADHD manage their lives and engage with tasks. We have collected some here for you to try.

Task Matrix

Prioritising can be a real problem that leads to procrastination. Using a ‘Task Matrix (also known as an ‘Eisenhower Matrix’) can help you work out what to do first. You can download our Task Matrix here.

Packing List

Packaging for a trip away can be a real issue, so we have put together a packing list you can use to help make sure you pack everything you need. The packing list can be found here.

To Do List

Although ‘To-Do lists’ almost always fail as a coping strategy, at times they can help with working out what to do each day or each week. We have a ‘To Do’ list available here.

ADHD ‘Apps’

There are many applications which you can download to your smart devices which can help manage your daily activities. We have produced a list here.

Accessibility Toolbar