A Registered Charity (charity number 1197347) and peer support group for adults with ADHD

The ADHD Adults Podcast

The ADHD Adults Podcast (in)expertly covers issues around ADHD in adults, sharing evidence-based information and personal experiences. Join us for Alex the round-headed psychoeducation monkey’s evidence-based information, James’s genuinely poor tips for coping and the Queen of Chaos, Mrs ADHD. Regular games, correspondence from absolutely real people and occasionally hearing from more professional guests also happens from time to time…

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Providing evidence-based advice for adults with ADHD

Our purpose is to provide peer-led support and coaching to adults with ADHD to support multiple aspects of living with ADHD


Do I need a diagnosis? How do I go about getting a diagnosis? What is involved?


What are the medication options for ADHD? What are the side effects? Are there non-pharmaceutical options?

NHS Information on ADHD

The official NHS page for ADHD

Co-existing Conditions

What other issues is ADHD associated with? How can I learn to live with these?

Getting help for your ADHD

Living with ADHD provides unique challenges. We have prepared an array of resources to help you organise your tasks, prioritise activities and help you towards getting a diagnosis and treatment.


How we have helped adults with ADHD

Don’t take our word for it – here are some testimonials

“I now understand much better why I do the things I do, and my life at work has changed dramatically for the better!”


“I have never felt so seen”


“I feel like a penny has dropped. I am 51, and now realise this has been with me all my life”


“This is by far the most helpful page I have found… Thank you!”


“I recently found your
Instagram and have just
started listening to your
podcast and I want to say
thank you so much… Thank you for
explaining what RSD is in a way
I finally understand and
related to personally rather
than abstractly.


Found your podcast on Spotify, and thought it was amazing. Thank you for the work you do!


Just started to listen to your podcast and binge listened to them all in a week! Thank you so much for it! 


Thanks for the show guys, every word resonated with my own exprience. Really appreciate what you’re doing!



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