How to get a Diagnosis

The process of obtaining an ADHD diagnosis can be emotionally draining, take a long time and be ableist at multiple steps. To help you, we have put together some resources.

Routes to an ADHD Diagnosis

There are currently two routes to a diagnosis as an ADHD diagnosis has to be done by a specialist psychiatrist. You can use the NHS services or pay for a diagnosis from a private ADHD clinic. We discuss the relative merits of these options in our videos. The various routes to a diagnosis in the UK are detailed below, and a downloadable version of this is available here.

ADHD diagnostic routes

*any qualified provider is a clinic which has an NHS contract

**titration is the process of adjusting your medication until it is at an ideal level

Video Resources

We have some video resources about diagnosis on our YouTube channel.

Private Diagnosis

Many people ask about private ADHD diagnoses. there are many private, often online ADHD clinics that will offer you a speedy diagnosis. At the time of writing, most GPs will refuse to sign a document called a ‘shared care agreement’ to transfer your care to the NHS after you are diagnosed privately, especially if you get diagnosed privately without also being fully titrated into a final dose of medication (even if you don’t want to take medication). GPs do not have any legal obligation to sign a shared care agreement document and because they are not experts in ADHD and the prescription of its medication, this is why they will likely refuse to sign. If they do so you will not be able to access NHS services such as medication for your ADHD.

This means it is essential to first check with your GP if they will sign a shared care agreement before you decide to pursue a private diagnosis, as otherwise, it may be an expensive waste of your time.

Right to Choose

There is also currently an NHS scheme only for people registered at a GP practice in England to use called ‘Right To Choose’ which allows you to ask to be referred to any ‘qualified provider which can significantly speed up the waiting time for assessment.

Diagnosis Guides

Obtaining a diagnosis of ADHD can be a difficult and emotional experience. To make this easier, we have prepared some guides to help you talk to your GP, and to better understand what will be required in a diagnostic assessment. These can be found by clicking the images below.

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