Right to Choose

If you are registered with a GP surgery in England and your GP agrees that a referral to a consultant or specialist in mental health is needed, you have the legal right to choose the organisation (qualified provider) to whom you are referred. There is more information on Right to Choose here.

There are several private clinics that offer these ‘NHS assessments’, which are free like other NHS services, but which can significantly reduce the time needed to get an ADHD assessment.

Providers include the following:

ADHD360 – ADHD360 are accepting referrals.

Dr J & Colleagues – Dr J & Colleagues are accepting referrals.

Problem Shared – Problem shared are accepting referrals.

Psychiatry-UK – Psychiatry UK are now accepting referrals again but we are receiving reports that waiting times are at least 12 months currently.

Clinical Partners – Clinical Partners can accept referrals for diagnosis but are not able to provide titration at this time.

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