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You can buy one of our ‘You’re Not Boring*, I Have ADHD‘ charity wristbands here!

These silicone wristbands* cost £2.50 (plus £1 postage and packaging for UK orders, please send £1 via Paypal if overseas) and are currently available in one size, ‘Large’. This is because the first 300 wristbands have been purchased from personal funds as a donation from one of our Trustees. Other sizes will be available eventually!

Important Note: You may see a message after you pay that says ‘HTTP error occurred during payment process: 500 Internal Server Error‘. Don’t worry, your payment has gone through but please check Paypal just in case!



*silicone is not the same as plastic, it can be recycled at specialist centres or reused as… well, a massive rubber band we guess?

We also have a collection of ADHD-related items available on RedBubble, such as our ‘You’re not boring, I have ADHD’ designed mugs, t-shirts and notepads!

The Redbubble shop can be found here.

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