Focus on Adult ADHD Online Magazine is an evidence-based online magazine about ADHD

Finding reliable and evidence-based information on ADHD can be difficult. There are many online resources available for adults with ADHD, but some of these share opinions or do not fact-check appropriately.

To help people who have ADHD or who suspect they may have ADHD, their loved ones and employers better understand what ADHD is, and how it affects people we set up an online ADHD magazine, Focus on Adult ADHD. We started this magazine because we couldn’t find anything like it. Balanced articles, written for adults with ADHD based on evidence.

The Senior Editors are both academics WITH ADHD. Alex and James have contributed to media engagement activities for over 10 years, trying to make research and science more accessible. They decided to use this experience to create an evidence-based, accessible and hopefully useful magazine written specifically for adults with ADHD, regardless of any formal diagnosis. They also wanted to include articles and support for the families, employers and educators of any adults with ADHD symptoms.

With articles added frequently, you can learn about diagnosis, medication, co-existing conditions, how to get support, relationships and much more.

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