Anti-ADHD Ableism

Following recent negative press coverage, we have seen the direct impact of how ill-informed, uneducated words on members of the ADHD Community.

As a result, we, alongside others, have come together to compose simple guidelines as a framework for the media.

In following these guidelines your organisation is actively demonstrating that it cares about the impact its coverage has on vulnerable readers, viewers or listeners.

Our intention is to work with the media to help prevent ableist coverage. Ableism is akin to racism, sexism and homophobia and is just as damaging. ADHD is a disability under the Equality Act 2010 and has the same protection in law.

We have provided evidence-based facts to provide knowledge to anyone lacking understanding and compassion in order to inform the necessity of following The Guidelines.

Publication and broadcast media are obligated by The Equality Act, 2010 to ensure that their coverage does not cause those with ADHD to be treated less favourably in their public and private lives.

Our Guidelines are informed by: Clause 12 of the Independent Press Standards Organisation’s Editorial Code, and The Office of Communication (Ofcom) Broadcasting Code, sections 2 and 5

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